As a parent we want our students to thrive and commit 100% to what they do. Our job is to support them in every way possible.

Whether you are a new or returning Band Parent, this page will help you quickly find the information you need to become an active member of the Band Boosters.



Welcome to the Parents Corner where you can find information about the South Hills High School Music Program and our Band Boosters Organization. Whether considering our program for your child or if your child is already a band or guard member…this program has a rich history of music excellence and we are glad that you are here.



There are several ways you can provide support and encouragement for your child: attending performances, encouraging home practice, and providing private lessons. Assisting him or her in meeting responsibilities provides incentive for your son or daughter to do well. In addition, it will improve the quality of the band program. The success of our band program is impossible without the tremendous support of the parents.

In order for you to do all of that, you will of course need to be informed. The band program makes use of a variety of technologies including this website, email, Instagram, Facebook, etc. in order to make sure that parents, students, instructors and other members of the South Hills Band Boosters are kept up to date with rehearsals, performances, fundraising, and other important events and information



The following pages will provide an overview of the South Hills High School Music Program, an introduction to the Music Director and Staff, information about the Performing Ensembles and Color Guard, and past shows and accomplishments.

About Us
Director of Bands
About Performing Ensembles
Contact Us

Another important resource is the SHHS Band Program’s Calendar page. It contains not only dates and times but other information such as locations, itineraries and other information. Some of this information may not be available when the event is first added to the calendar, but will be added as the event gets closer. Check it periodically as dates and details do change as we get updated information.

Important documents and forms including student downloads, a downloadable schedule, Emergency Release form, the SHHS Band and Color Guard Handbook and Payment Coupons.



Every parent, guardian, band/guard student of the South Hills High School Band is automatically a member of the South Hills Band Boosters. All Band Boosters are strongly urged to volunteer, fundraise and support band activities to the best of their abilities. The band cannot do it without all of our parents continued support.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of an organization like the South Hills High School Music Program.  It takes a small army to build props, maintain equipment, take care of uniforms, do marketing, communication, and fundraising, transport equipment, feed the band,etc. This is an opportunity for you to be involved in something that will create lasting memories for you and your child and, whether they admit it or not, your child will appreciate your engagement. This is also a chance for you to meet other parents, make friends, and have fun doing something truly unique.

Check out the Volunteer Sign-Up page frequently in Charms to look for opportunities to help out the band. The more people we have helping, the easier it is for everyone to support this fantastic program.

The following pages will also provide an overview of the South Hills Band Boosters organization. In particular, check out the Board and Committees page and the Volunteer page to look for additional opportunities to volunteer.

Band Boosters
Boosters Board & Committees

What the band does inherently involves a great deal of expense. We use our resources efficiently, but there are many needs the program has that cannot be met by district funds alone. Band fees are required of each student when they enroll and cover expenses for transportation, instructional staff, props, equipment, etc.

The South Hills Band Boosters offers opportunities for parents and students to lower individual student fees by participating at fundraising events such as Goodwill Donation Drive, SHHS Band and Color Guard Christmas Tree Fundraiser, Silent Auction, but there are also several continuous fundraising programs which could reduce a student’s fees.

It is the goal of the South Hills Band Boosters to provide every student with the opportunities available through the South Hills High School Music Program.  In the long run, the expense is certainly worth the positive experience the kids are going to receive by working hard, meeting friends and creating memories that will literally last their lifetime.


You Know You are A Band Parent When. . . .

•  You make three more trips than expected to drop off you child with everything they need.
•  You carry spare black gloves, needle and thread, safety pins, black socks and duct tape in your pocketbook.
•  You follow buses around all day on Saturdays
•  You can’t pick your child out of the crowd because they all look alike.
•  You no longer speak of your child as a fourteen-year-old daughter/son, but as a “freshman trumpet, freshman flute, ” etc.
•  You prominently display a band calendar in the kitchen, have band dates marked on the calendar in your purse and/or have the  Band Hotline Number on your speed dial.
•  You use your oven more for baking goodies for bake sales during home football games or treats, than for sit-down meals.
•  You know that you will be wearing something orange and green every Friday night and on Saturdays.
•  Early is on time and on time is late.
•  You don’t leave home without cushions to sit on, camera and camcorder.
•  You are cheering with other band parents.


“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”
Jane D. Hull

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