So you are thinking about joining the Band and Color Guard…

The transition from middle school to high school is easier for band and color guard students.  Imagine attending a new school and not knowing anything about where to go, or who to talk to.  Students joining the South Hills High School Band & Color Guard will start their first day of high school with a large group of friends who will help them through those often frightening first day in their new school environment.  Incoming freshman will have immediate contact with upperclassmen; in a Big brother/Big sister kind of way.  High School Band and Color Guard is very healthy for students in multitude of ways.

Because the band and color guard is unlikely anything you have done before, it can greatly enhance your high school career, and it is, very simply a great experience.

The South Hills High School Band & Color Guard is being recognized not only for creating its high standards, but also for the quality of experience given to its members.  As you participate in the program and continue to grow, this will become more clear to you, as it has to students before you. The pride and sense of friendship that are the cornerstones of our band will figure profoundly in your future.


  • Skilled musicians have an area of the brain that is up to 25% larger than those who have never played an instrument.
  • Studies indicate that music education dramatically improves a student’s ability to solve complex math and science problems.
  • The study of music and art makes us disciplined and civilized.
  • Music participants, on average, receive more academic honors and higher grades.
  • Music encourages creativity, imagination, and emotional response. These areas are important for success throughout life.
  • Arts education develops collaborative and teamwork skills, technological competencies, flexible thinking, and an appreciation for diversity.


Become a Member of the South Hills High School Music Program !

The South Hills High School Music Program is open to all Students enrolled at South Hills High School. We offer an extensive variety of ensembles to challenge, to train, and for the Students to enjoy of all playing abilities. Prior musical experience is not required. All we ask for is your focus, hard work, and willingness to perform with the best young musician.


Welcome to South Hills High School Band and Color Guard Music Program…the TRADITION continues !



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