What is the “Show” ?

Typically, a marching band will have one show that is used for halftime performances and competitions. This involves complex music, intricate drill maneuvers, and colorful flag choreography. This show will have a theme that runs throughout the music, the colors of the flags, the shape of the formations, etc. It is a lot of hard work, but it is also a great deal of fun ! By using the “total show concept,” marching band then has a greater challenge, more visual appeal, and a greater performer and audience interest level. The 2017 Marching Band Show is titled “Obsession”. There will be many visual effects, poses, lunges, dance, props, and many more fun and creative effects to enhance this great musical program. The staff is very excited about the show ! We are sure that the students will enjoy it as well !

Past Marching Band Show:



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