Parents we need you ! !  We are in need of some new South Hills Band Booster Officers for the 2017-2018 season.  We have had the great fortune of having an incredibly dedicated group of parents lead this program for 4 years.  They have given their time and effort tirelessly to our program and unfortunately they, and their students, will be moving on to other things after graduation.  This leaves the South Hills High School Band & Color Guard with numerous opportunities for NEW parental leadership.  If you are a parent of a South Hills High School Band & Color Guard member, I encourage you to get involved and be part of what makes our program a huge success.   I can not explain the level of importance and need for parent volunteers.  The students are the performers, however it is the parents that make the show happen.  There are no fees or hidden costs associated with being a Band Booster or being a Band Booster Officer.  We NEED parents to get involved ! ! !

Why Volunteer?

The great thing about volunteering with the Band Boosters is that there are jobs available for any time schedule.  Some positions allow you to come to the competitions and practices and be very involved with the students, while others can be done “behind the scenes” and after hours. A job may sound intimidating at first, but you’ll generally find it’s easy once you jump in.  There are many fellow Boosters available to help out as well.  Try several positions…you never know what’s going to “click” for you !  Below is a list of positions and their responsibilities and associated tasks:


Color Guard Coordinator – Liaison between color guard parents and Color Guard instructor. Coordinate activities of the color guard including costume and shoe purchases and making of flags. Coordinate with Uniforms committee chair for transportation of guard costumes. Coordinate with truck chair for transportation of guard equipment to competitions.

Trailer Driver 2 to 3 volunteers as a backup to pull trailer to competitions or a tournaments.  We need someone with a CDL Class C license willing to help and learn responsibilities for driving the truck to various events throughout the year

* * * Class C: Any 2-axle vehicle with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) rating of 26,000 lbs. or less, including when such vehicle is towing a trailer with a GVW rating of 10,000 lbs. or less; any 3-axle vehicle weighing 6,000 lbs. or less; any 2-axle vehicle weighing 4,000 lbs. or more unladen when towing a trailer not exceeding 10,000 lbs. GVW rating; any motor home of 40 feet in length or less; any 5th wheel trailer under 10,000 lbs. if not for hire or under 15,000 lbs. with endorsement; or vehicle towing another vehicle with a GVW rating of 10,000 lbs. or less.

If you are interested in helping, please contact our Transportation Coordinator (Carlos Herrera) at [email protected]

Pit Crew – At this time we would like to have 12 to 15 volunteers. The Pit Crew assists the Marching Band with the movement of instruments and equipment on and off the field during games and competitions.  This group plays a crucial supporting role – helping the front ensemble load and unload equipment on and off the field quickly.  Not only do you work closely with the band members, you also get a front-row view of the on-field performance !

Photographers & Videographer – Take pictures and/or videos of the Band & Color Guard in all competitions, shows, concerts, football games, events and fundraisers.  It takes a group of photographers and videographers to help us ensure we have captured memorable moments.  So if you are handy with your camera and love taking photos or videos, please share and send it to our Social Media representative, Sonia Berumen. 


We know your time is valuable and we appreciate every minute you allocate to help the boosters and the students.

Backgrounds in: Accounting – Business • Communications • Construction • Design • Driving • Electrical • Engineering • Events Planning • Inventory • Management • Photography • Programming • Repair • Retail • Sales • Secretarial • Sewing • Technology • Medical • Warehousing • Writing

Whatever expertise you bring to the table can be employed and will be much appreciated.



“The highest reward for a person’s work is not what they get for it, but what they become because of it.”
John Ruskin


​If you are interested in helping on the Booster board, please contact our Band Booster President (Ron T. LasMarias) at [email protected] or talk to one of the current board members.



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