Our students have tremendous opportunities to perform and there is always a need for chaperons. If you’ve ever been tempted to answer the call to volunteer, but didn’t know quite what was expected of you, here are some answers to FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions.)


Do I have to be a chaperon to attend a band or color guard event?

No, parents are invited and encouraged to attend band performances and games throughout the year.


Do I have to have a background check to be a chaperone?

Many of you may already be aware that the District has a new policy on Volunteers.  This is a new State regulation, and is only being enforced by the District.


What are my responsibilities as a chaperone?

Be a good parent. We have great kids in our band program. They are respected everywhere they go for being responsible and polite. BUT they are still enthusiastic youth who don’t always use the best judgment and they need parents to help guide them to act responsibly.

Get to know the students. This means that you need to get to know the names of at least some of the students and be a part of their group while helping them to act maturely and responsibly.

Take action. If you see students doing something you feel is not appropriate, you need to be able to step in and take responsibility. There are other parents there to help so you are not left alone with the responsibility, but usually small issues can be easily diffused before they become big issues by stepping in quickly.

Be there. Many times it is enough to have a parent “around” to remind students how they should be acting and talking. This does mean however that parents have to sit in the back of the bus as well as the front…


My child HATES it when I volunteer…

Remember that when you volunteer as a chaperone, you are not there to torment your child. There are other parents capable of that. Give them the freedom to join you or stay with their band friends and ignore you.

Don’t take it personally, let them have their space. Try to leave the discipline of your own child to the other parents and enjoy meeting the other parents and students. Once they realize you can be there and not intrude, they will trust you to be in the background.


Are there costs involved?

Parents are requested to pay the fees for the background check.  For competitions a chaperone may get a hand stamp (free entry), but these are limited and not guaranteed.


Are there rewards?

Unbelievable rewards! The joy of seeing your child perform, seeing the interaction of an amazing group of students, and getting to meet and talk with other parents is … PRICELESS ! ! !



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